Why break bias?

Bias is everywhere. From the behavior of the barista at your local cafe to the way facial recognition technology is designed to persistent challenges in recruitment, retention, and advancement of diverse talent, it’s never been clearer that bias affects every one of us — whether we realize it or not. 

Bias is a learned habit, and it keeps us from being our best selves and treating those around us with care and respect. On a grander scale, bias contributes to global racial and gender disparities that have catastrophic effects for marginalized communities. 

Breaking bias gets to the root of all of the symptoms associated with these challenges. Research shows that breaking bias can also reduce millions of dollars of wasted costs associated with conflict, workplace attrition, and discrimination. Breaking bias also improves interpersonal skills, deepens relationships, and helps us contribute to a more equitable world — one in which everyone belongs. 

Our Courses

Breaking bias is about building better habits.

Most of us have a vague sense that bias exists and that it affects us, but it can feel complex, overwhelming, and out of our control. Bias is one of the root causes of racial and gender disparities in our society—but there’s a solution.  

Our science-backed, compassion-based approach helps you build skills to transform unconscious bias in a generative, open, and honest way, opening the door to deeper relationships and an equitable world where everyone belongs.

Breaking Bias® with the BE MORE Journey

We designed the BE MORE Journey to develop your skills in breaking bias over time. Grounded in behavioral sciences & organizational psychology, it encompasses three stages for breaking bias and unlocking your potential. You will learn about bias and the science-based tools that help to break it; develop habits that allow you to put these tools into action; and propel these skills into your social circles, organizations, and community, building a greater sense of equity and belonging everywhere.

The PRISM® Toolkit

  • PRISM® is our proprietary toolkit that targets and transforms the root of what causes bias - automatic mental habits of stereotyping.
  • We teach PRISM® in all of our courses to help people unlearn bias and relearn new habits. 
  • PRISM® is an easily adaptable framework that you can practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Beyond breaking bias, PRISM has many other benefits (see table below).

Perspective-Taking: The practice of imagining other people’s experiences to strengthen collective identity and social cohesion.

pRosocial Behavior: The practice of cultivating kindness, empathy, optimism, gratitude, and joy.

Individuation: The practice of differentiating individuals from group-based stereotypes by cultivating curiosity.

Stereotype Replacement: The practice of noticing negative stereotypes and replacing them with real-life positive examples.

Mindfulness: The practice of noticing and being aware of the present moment.

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